Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Communication, Laughter and everything in between

It's an amazing feeling when you don't feel well and have to work all day, to know that once you get home from work, someone is there to take care of you.
It takes teamwork to accomplish things... like eating a giant lollipop!
You've heard before when I said how silly it is when the Aussie gets sick- lying in bed all day like its the plague. He's always asking how I manage to function when I'm sick... because things still need to get done, after all the world doesn't stop just because I don't feel well. Its nice to know that while I worry about getting things done all he worries about is what he can do to make me feel better.
I will say time and time again that it's communication and laughter that make a marriage; but today its the warm hugs and soft kisses on the top of my head that make my marriage!  Its putting a fresh glass of water next to the bed every night before bed. It's being tucked in before he leaves for work early in the morning.
All too often I hear married couples laugh at the expense of their spouses and quite frankly, it makes my blood boil! There are so many great couples out there that work together to make a great team.
When the Aussie and I got married we made a pact that the two of us would work through it all and nothing would be too hard to take on because we'd have each other to balance the load. When I think about the stories other married couples tell me, I find myself feeling sorry for them. They laugh at the faults of their partners, the look to commiserate with others and I cant help it... I pity them. How unfortunate that they entered into a union with someone that they don't treat well. You'll never find me telling you that the Aussie isn't good, that he doesn't do something. We're a team, and if you cant count on your spouse, who can you count on?
Part of marriage to us was joining our lives to have one life together.  When we exchanged vows we took on each other's strengths and weaknesses; the good the bad and the ugly. His faults are my faults, and my undesirable idiosyncrasies are his. His determination and strength became mine and my desires and passions became his. Though we may not have been married for as long as some others, we like to think that no matter what- its us against the world.
So take some time today to appreciate all the little things that make your relationship unique to you. Ours may not be perfect, but its perfect for us.
It's all the little things he's done, I've done, and we've done together that make up the meaning of the ring he put on my finger. He's my superman <3