Allow Me to Introduce Myself

I jump in puddles, I dance in the car, I skinny dip in the middle of the night I walk barefoot whenever I can. I love to watch the stars in the middle of the night. I’m easygoing and relaxed, I scream random thoughts out loud at the worst times, I'm dependently independent, quietly loud, safely dangerous, and appropriately inappropriate ♥ My husband + my bunny=happiness

I'm a creative soul trapped in a busy girls body. I love all things cozy, cuddly, and cute. I have a strong passion for helping those without voices, or voices that aren't heard. I have a full time job, but consider myself a professional daydreamer. I'm strongly rooted in my faith, believe in miracles and spirit. I use a dumb phone because I refuse to use a telephone for anything other than a telephone (and texting...) I grew up on the beach, sea salt is in my soul and no matter where in the world I am, my mind is always at the ocean