Monday, January 27, 2014

10 unique paper first anniversary gifts

The toughest part about getting gifts for each other once you're married is finding something that you can live with too! The first anniversary can be one of excitement for most couples. The Aussie suggested that we remain true to the traditional wedding anniversary gifts. How sweet right? So far we've gotten to two, and I must say it can be difficult to determine what to get him that falls in the correct category and is creative... so here's my list of ideas for the first anniversary gift- paper

1. Make coupons like I suggested here 
2. Frame a picture (it counts if you print it on picture paper!)
3. Purchase tickets to an event, concert, movie, whatever strikes your fancy
4. Create a shadow box filled with tickets from an event you've attended in the past, with a picture or two from the event.
5. Write a good old fashioned love letter. This is also a great way to remind your better half why they're so important to you after that first CrAzY year!
6. Write the words "I love you" in multiple languages on one sheet of white lined paper. Use one pen and just write until the page is full. Once that's done, take a red colored pencil and write "I Love You" across the page and frame it. The Aussie found it really cute. You can also make a smaller one if you think its too large on a regular piece of paper. This can be a bit time consuming so you can click here to order one from me and save yourself the time.
7. Take a mason Jar and fill it with 365 quotes on love. One for each day of the year until your cotton anniversary. I'll admit, this one took A LOT of time to find 365 good quotes, to copy, paste, and cut. Or you can order one from me, and all you'll have to do is give it to your spouse!
8. Cut your wedding vows, or your wedding invitation and put them in a clear bulb to hang some place you'll see often. Not just on your Christmas tree.
9. Find a book of meaning (the older the better!) and write something personal to your spouse from your heart.
10. Fill all the walls in one room, or the mirror, or his/her car, or windows, (you get the point) with sticky notes of all the reasons you love and adore him/her. Don't forget to include some reasons why the past year as a married couple were wonderful.

I also wrapped everything in newspaper and construction paper. I realize that tissue paper and wrapping paper  are both paper, but it seemed more fun this way! 

I'd love to hear some other ideas out there on the paper anniversary and to see if others still follow the traditional gifts.

Good luck!