Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Who Are You

I have this unique fascination with journals. I just love them... a lot. I have yet to write on the first page of any journal and have not filled one to the end for fear of closure. (If that doesn't say a lot about me, I don't know what does)
My wonderful Aussie ad I went to Barnes and Noble on an exciting Saturday night and while we were reminiscing about our first date that brought us there ( a story for another day) he found me surrounded by journals. Old looking leather journals with the rawhide straps and silly ones with crazy prints, some had hardware that looked old and rustic, (though my first thought, was that I could make it better!) I knew that we had only gone I for one quick book for the Aussie for his next work trip, and had no intention of purchasing anything for myself but the Aussie insisted that I get the journal that he picked out for me it really is perfect...
It got me thinking of how much I used to write in them, and how now in the world of blogs and technology little thoughts are left as private thoughts. Being somewhat of an introvert I enjoy some thoughts as private thoughts. I enjoy carrying around that journal and knowing I put whatever I want in it and get those thoughts off my chest, yet keep them just for me. So I've decided that I will use this new journal as means for the exploration needed to rediscover, reinvent and distinguish who I am.

I am a:
  • Wife
  • Daughter
  • Sister
  • cousin
  • Niece
  • Aunt
  • Friend
  • Servant of the Lord
  • Peace maker
  • People pleaser
  • Employee
There are many others as I'm sure there are for you. While I love most every role I have, and I agree that they make me who I am, I can't help but ask myself from time to time "who am I?"

Wife by far has been my favorite role to play in this life and I look forward to the many years I have in store with the Aussie- constantly learning and growing together as a couple.

Have any of you gone through a transition that has left you happy, but curious as to who you are? Who you have become? What are some things you've done to reintroduce yourself to you?