Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Secret to a Long Lasting Marriage...?

The Aussie and I recently went to St. Augustine with my parents. He had to work and dad was sleeping in- so mum and I decided to go to some antique shops on a rainy morning. We pulled into one that was connected to a furniture restoration place where we saw a petite woman sweeping the shavings off the ground outside while an older man was using the skill saw. I remember thinking "who makes a little old lady sweep the ground outside!?"
After treasure hunting it was decided that my father too would enjoy the store; so we returned the next day.
It was raining cats and dogs and I was on the phone so mum and dad went in ahead of me. When I joined them in the store they were talking to the same people I watched the day before. That's when I learned that the two were from Manchester, England originally and they had been married for more years than my parents had been alive. My mother asked them what their secret was.
The husband responded "we have a candlelit breakfast every morning." We all smiled and he asked me if I was married. I told him I was to which he replied "Good, I can say this then- and we still do it!" I tried to contain my laughter but when saw the woman hit him in the shoulder and giggle like a school girl I couldn't hold it in! He went on to say that he is more in love with her now than he ever had been, and she still gives him butterflies when he sees her.
It was then that I realized that that's the kind of relationship I hope the Aussie and will continue to have no matter how many years we're together.
The woman wasn't sweeping outside because she had to, she was doing it as another way of taking care of her husband after all those years.
When I told the Aussie about the encounter he laughed and naturally agrees with half of the secret...

So there you have it, a candle lit breakfast and sex.... the answer to the most commonly asked marriage question!

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Happy Ash Wednesday, from the Aussie and I and don't forget to share the secret!