Friday, October 31, 2014

Trick or Treat... 4 ways to treat your husband on Halloween

The Aussie doesn't really get in to the Halloween spirit. I'm not sure if it's because (as he puts it) it's more of an American thing to get dressed up, or if it's because he's only been home two times since he's moved to the U.S. so he really hasn't been able to celebrate. This year, we've decided to go to a zoo in a neighboring state to see their pumpkin display. I can't wait! I'm sure it will be wicked chilly considering we're expecting to welcome November with some snow tomorrow. So to show my appreciation for my traveling Aussie and to (hopefully) get him into the spirit of today, I'm going to share five ways to treat him this year. Most are silly little things, but I've found that no matter how goofy something seems, the Aussie reacts with nothing but gratitude when I show him that it's just for him. Life gets crazy, but I think him knowing that I've put the effort in just because, makes a world of difference

 1. Pick up a little something for him while you're out stocking up on candy to give to the ghosts and ghouls that will be paying you a visit. I grabbed a funny hooded sweatshirt from Walmart that I know he'll get a kick out of. Because he comes home from work before me today, I've left it on the bed with a little note.

 (He loved it!)

2. Whether you're dressing up to go out to a party, or to hand out candy- everyone will get to see your costume. Think about getting a costume just for him to see! It could be funny, sexy, cute, an inside joke, whatever- as long as it's just for him- that's all that matters!

3. We've all seen/heard/tried/wished for the rose petals leading us to the bedroom to find candles lit, soft music playing, and the promise of a wonderful night. Lets take a different approach. Put down bite size candy to form a trail leading him to the bedroom! If you're really feeling into it, go ahead and put that costume on and wait in the middle of the heart shaped candy form on the bed. Can't get more Halloween-y than that!

4. Once you've hit all the parties you need to go to, and filled everyone's bags with delicious treats for the evening, make him a hot drink of his choice, (homemade cider, tea, hot chocolate,) curl up on the couch, and pop in his favorite scary movie (old or new) squeeze him a little tighter and let him be your hero.