Tuesday, December 17, 2013

a lunchbox full

When tax season rolled around the Aussie and I couldn't agree which tax person to go to; his or mine. Considering we both used the same company, in different locations, and we were filling separately (thanks to student loans) we decided we'd each use our own. The Aussies appointment day came and I decided to stay home and get some work done. He woke up not feeling too great, but decided to make the hour and half journey to "his guy."
Throughout the day I received updates via text message that lead me to believe he really wasn't feeling well. I offered to drive out and pick him up, but he consistently refused. After barely making it through the appointment the Aussie gets back in his car and heads home.
Upon his arrival, I met him at the door where he handed me a blue lunchbox. Before he could get any words out of his mouth, I peeked inside the lunchbox...
That's when he tells me that he got sick and low and behold, I was holding the evidence! After suggesting that I wash it out, I faked a sympathetic smile and told him there were other lunchboxes he could use. "How did you manage to continue driving if you were getting sick?" a rational question, I thought.
The Aussie tells me that he was embarrassed about getting sick on the side of the road, and for fear of people seeing him he went to his trunk, found a lunchbox and used that...
Too embarrassed?!?! No shame in bringing it home to his new wife though!
Another lesson learned in all of the things they DIDN'T tell us about marriage!
There it is! well we had two, this is the second  one that at no time held  vomit  :) thank God